Living in Basel

Panorama of Basel (Image: Wladyslaw Soika, CC-by-sa 3.0)

Basel is considered a green city, with at least one park in every neighbourhood. Favoured areas are the beautiful, well-preserved old town centre; the housing corridors on the banks of the River Rhein; the Gellert district; the Bruderholz; and the two satellite municipalities, Riehen and Bettingen, located on an attractive plateau.

Leisure facilities. The museums (Museum of Fine Arts, the Beyeler Foundation, etc.) constitute an essential component of Basel culture. But the city offers also other possibilities for amusing oneself: sports (swimming in the Rhine), walking through the old town, or shopping in the inner city.

'Three Countries Corner'. The borders of Switzerland, France and Germany come together at the 'Three Countries Corner' in Basel. For this reason, Basel is known as an open and cosmopolitan city.

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