Ausgewählte Publikationen - Prof. Dr. David Masser

Journal Articles

Habegger, Philipp; Jones, Gareth; Masser, David: Six unlikely intersection problems in search of effectivity, in: Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 162, 2016, H. 3, S. 447-477. (Abstract) edoc


Bilu, Yuri; Luca, Florina; Masser, David: Collinear CM-points, 2017. (Download)
Masser, David: Abcological anecdotes, 2017. (Download)
Corvaja, Pietro; Masser, David; Zannier, Umberto: Torsion hypersurfaces on abelian schemes and Betti coordinates, 2017. (Download)
Amoroso, F.; Masser, David: Lower bounds for the height in Galois extensions, 2016. (Download)
Brownawell, W. D.; Masser, David: Zero estimates with moving targets, 2016. (Download)
Derksen, H.; Masser, David: Linear equations over multiplicative groups recurrences, and mixing III, 2016. (Download)
A. Pillay, A.; Bertrand, D.; Masser, David; Zannier, U.: Relative Manin-Mumford for semi-abelian surfaces, 2016. (Download)
L. Capuano, L.; Masser, David; Pila, J.; Zannier, U.: Rational points on Grassmannians and unlikely intersections in tori, 2016. (Download)
Brownawell, W. D; Masser, David: Unlikely intersections for curves in additive groups over positive characteristic, 2016. (Download)
Masser, David; Zannier, U.: Torsion points on families of simple abelian surfaces and Pell’s equation over polynomial rings , 2015. URL
Habegger, Philipp; Jones, G; Masser, David: Six unlikely intersection problems in search of effectivity, 2015. URL
Derksen, H.; Masser, David: Linear Equations over Multiplicative Groups, Recurrences, and Mixing II, 2014. URL